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Doran Gadget – Have you ever heard about AI websites? Some researchers do research and make this kind of website a new innovation. An AI website could revolutionize the way you manage your daily activities. Actually, using an AI website is not difficult at all, it’s just like using Siri or Google Assistant. To know more, read the full article below!

What Is AI Website?

AI Website
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AI (Artificial Intelligence) means a subfield of computer science that investigates how to replicate intelligent behavior in computers. This artificial technology aids in a wide range of activities such as automobile driving to internet design. Many companies, organizations, and workers are already using these programs.

Then, what is an AI website? An AI website is a website that uses artificial intelligence technology to interact with its users. AI websites can perform a variety of tasks such as answering questions, offering personalized recommendations, and providing customer support. They are able to do this by using algorithms and machine learning models to analyze user behavior and provide tailored responses.

The computer still needs humans to generate it, however, the AI website tools could create content that is not only meaningful and accurate but also know how to create content that is targeted by request. Some examples of AI websites include chatbots, virtual assistants, and recommendation engines.

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Why Is This Becoming So Popular?

AI Website
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Artificial intelligence or AI is one of the newest disciplines that is constantly moving forward at a very fast pace. Researchers believe that AI may positively change the picture of the world and ease our life routine.

In the late 20th century, when the main studies on AI began, no one here would think of a quick jump, it was thought that would take several decades to be able to use AI as easily as it seems now. Nowadays, AI-powered tools can assist sales teams in analyzing data for useful patterns, identifying effective strategies, and addressing customer needs.

Researchers have collected specifications of AI websites that explain why they are popular:

  • Gaming Intelligence
  • AI-Powered CRM Suites
  • Vision Systems
  • Speech Recognition
  • Handwriting Recognition
  • Intelligent Robots

Best AI Websites You Must Know

After knowing what is AI website, these are the best/most popular AI websites that you have to know deeper:

1. CodeFormer


The first best AI website you need to know is CodeFormer. It is a face image restoration model that can take low-quality images and predict what the code for that face would be. So it is possible for users to find natural faces even if the input images they have are of poor quality or significantly degraded. The output images are expected to resemble the desired or target faces closely.

2. AI Image Enlarger

AI Image Enlarger

Next, this website helps you enhance any low-quality photos you may have. Even if you have some pixelated, blurry, and not detailed pictures.

Drop your photo into the box and choose between 2X or 4X resolution. After it’s finished, you can download it. You only need a few seconds to improve your images or photos. You will be surprised by the quality of improvement. The pictures become smoother, clear, and more detailed.

3. Magic Eraser

Magic Eraser

It is another tremendous AI-powered photo tool. Magic eraser allows you to remove any unwanted items or objects from your photo. You can select the brush size, and once you’ve set that, you can highlight the part that you want to remove. Then click on “erase”. After you finish editing your photo, you can download it immediately.

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4. AI Website – BigSpeak


With Big Speak, you can generate English-speaking speech. In other words, you can generate from text to speech. First of all, you add your text and choose the preferred voices. There are several options based on gender and country. Then, you can directly click on the generate button. And in just a few seconds, Big Speak generates a voice from the text you have written.

5. ChatGPT


ChatGPT is essentially a variant of OpenAI’s popular GPT-4 language generation software that has been designed to engage in conversations with humans. Some of its features include the ability to answer follow-up questions, challenge erroneous assumptions, reject inappropriate queries, and acknowledge its own mistakes.

ChatGPT was trained on vast amounts of text data allowing it to recognize patterns and generate its own text that mimics different writing styles. According to Bern Elliot, a vice president at Gartner, ChatGPT is capable of learning different writing styles and producing text that is similar.

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6. Dall-E 2


Dall-E 2 is the new version of Dall-E. It was launched in early November 2022. Dall-E 2 has the ability to provide many pictures. It can understand written text, connect with concepts, and produce visuals that users want.

This kind of AI is trained on 650 million images. These pictures are the examples produced by Dall-E 2:

Dall-E 2
Dall-E 2
Dall-E 2

7. DeepScribe


DeepScribe is a free process documentation tool that offers solutions to complex business issues or problems. It is a step-by-step visual program that generates an automated how-to manual, complete with screenshots, instructions, and clickable options to enhance and expedite operations.

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Those are the explanations about AI websites, and the best part is you can use them right away. Especially, if you belong to the Gen-Z or millennial generation, using AI websites is now easier than ever before. Grab anything about gadget accessories, drones, smartwatches, etc from Doran Gadget. You may get all the information you want by contacting our CS via WhatsApp. Dont forget to download Doran Gadget apps!


Writer: Filippo Aurel Kezia (Petra Christian University)
Editor: Arini Rizki Fauziah

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